CEO SangMo Lee, Awarded Magnolia Medal

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◇Korean national Magnolia Medal Award ▲Advisory, Hanoi Korean Association
2020.Oct.05, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minister KangkyeongHwa) announced the receipent list 'Merit Government Award of the 14th day of world Korean in 2020'.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs openly updated the list of nominee on the announcement board in homepage and verified the right beneficiary from July 20th to 4th August.
On Oct 5th, the day of world korean, they announced finaly beneficiary list and decided which metal is right for them. This year, there were 98 people in the list of beneficiary, but 8 people was excluded in final beneficiary list.
As kinds of civil medal, there are Medals(Rose of sharon, Peony, Camellia, Magnolia, Pomegranate), Civil Commendation, President Commendation and Prime Minister Commendation.

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