Product/Technical Export Marketing Support

Export marketing

- Discover promising buyers and partners and support matching
- Credit investigation support for potential buyers and partners
- Buyer visits and local marketing activities
- Support for export commitments (supports negotiation and conclusion of contract terms)
- Support for export marketing through government support projects


- KIAT Global Business Cooperation Center (GCC) technology/product exports (2007~)
- Consulting for KOSME overseas branching business (2008~)
- NIPA ICT Small and Medium Business Customized Overseas Advancement Consulting (2012~ )
- OKTA Export Sprout Enterprise Support Project in Korea (2018~)
- Vietnam’s performance agency for the export voucher project (KOSME) (2018~)

Export Consultation, Exhibition and Seminar Operation

Export Consultation

- Hosted export consultation meetings/market opening group events for prospective buyers
- Support for exhibition participation and matching of prospective buyers
- Holds on-site seminars on products/technology


- KOSME and government agencies' product/technology export consultation meeting
- Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh) exhibition participation mediation and buyer matching
- NIPA S/W Export Marketing Support Project Local Training and Consultation
- Implementation of KIAT Korea-Vietnam materials and components cooperation technology transfer project
- Seminar with local buyers of ICT companies through export voucher business

Establishment of Vietnamese Investment Corporation and Office

Establishment of Vietnamese Investment

- Permission to set up various investment corporations, factory sites and factory leasing arrangements
- Our representative has 'experienced enough to set up and operate 12 joint ventures of LG Group in the 1990s.
- High Tech Park Investment Specialization with the Most Investment Benefits
- Comprehensive consulting on tax, labor, visa, corporate operation and management after establishment
- Support for patents, trademarks and cross-registration


- Consulting support for the establishment of 58 Vietnamese investment corporations and offices since 2006
- Support for 16 patent applications, products, and mutual registration

Operate buyer invitation and training program

Operate buyer invitation

- Invited individual buyers from Vietnam to Korea (cooperated with visa issuance)
- Hosted by the Vietnam Government and Agency Mission to Visit Korea Program
- Korean government / local government Vietnam training program
- University and institutional mission training program


- Support for Vietnamese government religious committee delegation's visit to Korea program (2013, 2017)
- Support for training personnel specialized in materials and components from KIAT under the Korea and Vietnam's MOIT. 
* Support short-term training by dispatching 1,280 Vietnamese officials and businessmen to Korea over eight years (2013-2019)
- Hosted in Korea by the VIA trade delegation under the Vietnamese MOIT (2018 and 2019)
- Visit programs for job interviews at Baekseok University (2019), overseas training for local government officials' New Southern Policy (2020~) etc.

Basic and in-depth market research

Market research

- A Basic and Deep Market Survey of Products and Technologies
* Basic Survey(3 to 4 Months) and Detail Survey (Over 6 Months)
Feasibility Study Survey
Support for customized market research by company


- Basic market research on general items such as consumer goods and cosmetics
- Deep market research for technology and solution products
- Investigate the in-depth market for special products and items
- Feasibility Study for Investment Prior to Local Investment

Strategic Product Agents and Branch Agents

Strategic Product Agents

- Discover strategic products with great export potential in Vietnam
- Acting as a local agent and branch office for strategic products
- Agency work through government support project


- Exported special vehicles such as fire trucks, suppressors and ladder trucks (2011 ~)
- Automatic parking system (APS) agent and export (2012 ~)
- Exported strategic products such as steel and construction equipment etc. (2015 ~)
- Exported construction heavy equipment such as Auger and Hammer (2017 ~)
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